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И1-29 Endless choice of cars

Leo Burnett Ukraine
Название работы
И1-29 Endless choice of cars
Конкурс / номинация
И-1 Баннеры и открытки
Avto Bazar
Creative director: A. Copots. Copywrite and idea: S. Milyuk. Art Directors: Z. Nedelchev, I. Akinin. Video designer: M. Soldatkina.
Описание проекта
Avto Bazar is the most popular magazine of auto classifieds in Ukraine. The objective was to promote its online version www.avtobazar.ua where the biggest database of auto classifieds is available. The web catalogue updates with the new car offers in the real time.

We created the banner which looks like a cover of Avto Bazar magazine with a webcam stream placed at its front page. It broadcasts directly to a banner the live video from real Kyiv street with a heavy car traffic.
There is a headline on the cover: “Endless choice of cars”. It literally shows that every car you can see at the street you can find at the Avtobazar.ua online directory.
The webcam timer shows the current issue of the Avtobazar.ua – the online catalogue updates literally every second with new classifieds.