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И5-27 Sorry, we are not your mother

Leo Burnett Ukraine
Название работы
И5-27 Sorry, we are not your mother
Конкурс / номинация
И-5 Онлайн кампании
Art Directors Club
Agency: Leo Burnett Ukraine Creative Director: Andrey Copots Art Director: Pavel Klubnikin Copywriter: Yaroslav Serdyuk Photographer: Pasha Vrzhesch Web production: Studio 7
Описание проекта
Announce the challenge of the prestigious Art Directors Club Ukraine Awards. It’s a simple insight – for your mum you’re always a winner. You are the one. Everything that goes from your pencil – is totally genius and worth the highest awards.

Sorry, but we – are not your mother.
So think twice before submitting to ADC*UA